Equipment Financing

Transportation (truck, trailer, vocational), Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Forestry, Manufacturing
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How Does Equipment Financing Work?
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In direct lending, you get a loan directly from us. You agree to pay, over a period of time, the amount financed, plus a finance charge. It's a very simple process and if you need more clarity you can further call us for more questions!

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What Happens At The End Of The Equipment Finance?
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Depending on the type of financing you get, there are typically a few different options available to you:

Purchase the equipment for the buyout or residual (remaining) amount. Buyout amounts can range from $1 to the fair market value of the equipment, depending on your finance structure.

Continue paying the finance amount, return the equipment to the lender or in some cases the finance is set up as a “lease to own” so after the term of the finance the equipment is yours or trade-in the equipment for the latest model

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Do I Qualify For Equipment Financing?
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Financing plans are available for a wide variety of individuals and companies. Individuals can finance vehicles and if there is a business use, they can finance equipment too. Companies with a good track record can finance most equipment they need based on their ability to pay the monthly lease payments. Newer businesses or those with some credit challenges may need the owners to guarantee the monthly payments will be made.

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Why It Is Smart To Use A Finance Broker
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Similar to residential mortgages, our fee’s are typically paid by the lender. Our role is to find you the best financing deals. Because we are experts who deal with several lenders in the country, we can objectively choose the right financing model for your needs and get you more favorable terms than if you were to try to do it yourself.

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