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Learn how East to West Group can help you get the funding you need. With our personalized approach and flexible criteria, we are committed to helping you achieve your commercial property goals. Don’t wait, reach out to us now and let us help you take your business to the next level.

What is A Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage is a financing option that involves securing a loan against non-residential properties like commercial buy-to-let properties or business premises, and can be utilized for purchasing or refinancing a wide range of property types such as mixed-use properties or land. In contrast to other financial products that rely on automated underwriting systems, East to West Group specializes in commercial mortgage lending and takes a personalized approach to evaluate applications on an individual basis, offering flexible criteria that consider a variety of scenarios. This allows them to take the entire picture into account and make informed lending decisions that may not be possible with automated scoring systems. This allows us to take the entire picture into account and make informed lending decisions that may not be possible with automated scoring systems.

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Types of Commercial Mortgage

Get The Right Loan For Your Project.

We provide financing that is designed specifically for the needs of your business. You can find a great loan with the terms you want:

  • Construction financing: We provide financing for construction, including loans and lines of credit. We tailor our financing options to benefit; construction businesses, property developers, and house flippers.
  • Loans for owner-occupied properties: Small business owners can get financing for any property objectives. We offer conventional loans, bridge loans, private loans, and other options.
  • Financing for real estate investment: Real estate businesses can get equity and mezzanine financing, and many other types of loans. 
  • Loans for residential and multiunit housing: We provide Property management companies and developers with conventional financing and alternative financing for projects.
  • Loans for agriculture projects:  We offer a range of financing options to help you acquire the land you need to grow your business. With our deep understanding of the agricultural industry, we can offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. 

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