We have over 35 lenders, conventional and private that do the following: Construction mortgages, Development land mortgages, ALR Mortgages, Residential Mortgages
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The Type Of Mortgages We Offer
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We deal in five major mortgages which include, Residential, Construction, Commercial, Private, and Agriculture. Having dedicated many years as a lender/funder, we know how to present your application. We’ve seen many applications declined or approved based on presentation alone. Presentation is key!

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Commercial Mortgages
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East to West Groups main area of expertise is negotiating long-term mortgages for industrial properties, apartment buildings, shopping centers, and office buildings. We are always looking at different ways to be innovative, minimizing the cost of funds and meeting other unique needs of the borrower such as, funding prior to lease-up, limited guarantees, and fixing of interest rates prior to the completion of development projects.

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Residential Mortgages
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There are many different types of mortgages available. Whether your purchasing your first home, a rental property, re-financing/equity take-out, or consolidating debts.

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Private Mortgages
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Private mortgages are interest only loans, short term, ranging in length from 1 to 3 years. Private lenders have realized that conservative lending guidelines used by banks and conventional lenders exclude many individuals who are in fact able to pay back loans. Private lenders take into account a property’s overall value and marketabilty as opposed to the borrower’s credit history and documented income. Interest only loans do not require home-owners to pay the mortgage principal down, and only requires interest payments each month. Often we get private deals approved in 24 hours!

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Agricultural Mortgages
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We specialize in Agricultural Mortgages. With over 10 years of experience in the Agriculture Industry we understand each sub sector of the industry and can provide competitive conventional financing and private financing for any Agriculture related business.

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Subordinated Debt / Mezzanine Financing
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This growth and transition capital may not have specific tangible security and typically relies on the stability and adequacy of cash flow from the business to service the debt. In certain forms, this product may also be referred to as ‘second lien’ or ‘mezzanine financing’. Typical guidelines: Highly customized based on the strength of the business, security particulars, repayment terms, and debt servicing capacity. Security may be subordinated to the prior lien of a senior lender. Amortization up to 10 years. Interest rates vary. May include some equity ownership as additional consideration for the loan, depending on the amortization and the strength of the business.

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Construction Mortgages
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A construction mortgage is a type of funding, which is advanced in intervals as the house is being built. There are usually 4 draws at; 35%, 60%, 80% and 100% completion. Completion is verified at each stage by a progress report from an appraiser. A Land Draw (conventional only) may be required if the customer is also purchasing the land.

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